Olivier ROY

editorial publié dans le New-York Times le 14 Avril 2003

Europe will not be fooled by the U.S. again
Olivier Roy NYT
Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Post-Iraq war relations

PARIS After months of Cold War with the United Nations, the United States put forth a draft resolution last week to give the international body oversight of efforts to rebuild Iraq.

Although this might help the United Nations gain back some credibility, Washington's effort was clearly intended as a peace offering to its former "Old Europe" allies.

While the offer is certainly genuine, it is unlikely to thaw relations with Russia, France, Germany and Turkey. The problem is that the Bush administration, while ostensibly trying to get its traditional friends on board, continues to dissemble about where the train is headed.

To understand the problem, one has to consider what the Europeans were presented with in the build-up to war. Beyond polemics and misgivings, the basic problem was that Washington's stated war goals were not logically coherent, and its more intellectually compelling arguments were usually played down or denied.

The official war objectives given to the allies were these: destruction of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction; fighting terrori

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